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Valco Baby

Valco Baby is a family owned and operated company from Australia.  We have been manufacturing and distributing baby products for more than 30 years.  Within those 30 years there have been a lot of babies that have born, many of them into the Valco Baby family.  What better way to truly test the products we manufacture than use them ourselves!  We pride ourselves on developing the highest quality products for our family.  We are confident that you will feel the same when you purchase a Valco Baby product for your family. 

Tummies to Tots is your exclusive Valco Baby retailer in London, Ontario, Canada.

Choosing a stroller may be one of the most important baby gear decisions you make. Considering you and your child will be spending a lot of time using the stroller it is important to ensure you make the best choice for your lifestyle. Consider how you will be using it, will it be used mostly for walks in your neighborhood, or in and out of your car? How about traveling with it? Take all of these things into account and make the right decision for you. We offer a variety of strollers that can suit any lifestyle.




Looking for a stroller for one child? Valco baby has a lot to choose from whether you want a bassinet pram for your newborn, or an all terrain stroller suitable for a newborn through the toddler years we have what you need (Tri Mode orMatrix). How about a full service stroller that has a seat that goes from bassinet to rear or forward facing? (Spark). Is it a light weight stroller but feature-full stroller you’re after? (ZeeSnap or Snap4).

Want to compare all our Single Strollers? Here is the Valco Baby Single Stroller Comparison Chart


Having another child? No problem. Take a look at the Tri Mode Twin an All Terrain stroller for two or three if you add the Joey Toddler Seat! Speaking of the Joey Toddler Seat add it on to your single Tri Mode to turn it into a stroller for two. If it is a lightweight stroller you need check out the Zee Two (It takes a Joey Toddler Seat too!!) or the lightest weight stroller in its class, the Snap Dual (which weighs under 22lbs!). Maybe you are looking a full service double stroller with reversible & bassinet transformable seats? Check out the Spark Duo.

Don’t forget about our Hitch Hiker board for a child to stand on. Perfect for the independent child that won’t sit in a stroller anymore!

So many stroller to choose from, check out our Valco Baby Double Stroller Comparison Chart


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